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The Magic Book of Nightmares

£7.00 - On Sale

an illustrated A4 book exploring the most gruesome of dreams! Released in June but preorders are shipped fast!

15 images in total, drawn from the sickened mind of 15 great illustrators! Each image is A3, creeping over a double spread.

Prepared to be scared! We have everything from the creepy to the cosmic. Take a look, if you dare

(Luke Pelletier, Marc Martin, Mariana Moyses, James Clapham, Philip Morgan, Ohara Hale, Brooke Olsen, Sam Ailey, Eyeball Comix, Stu Ross, Josh Wiley, Sheryo and the Yok, Chaos Vs Cosmos, Juliana Futter, Dillon Froelich and Jangojim)