Wes Anderson Trump Cards

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'Completely Open' 25 card set
illustrated by Hello Mister Frank

We've all been influenced by the films of Wes Anderson in some way. The aesthetic, the tone and the sound. No denying the characters have become part of our life but when it comes down to the crunch, which character has had the most affect on you? Eli Cash? Margot Tenenbaum? Sam? Suzy? Steve Zissou? Alistair Hennessey? Francis? Peter? Jack?

These unofficial playing cards allow film lovers to play their favourite fictional characters against each other to discover who rules our hearts and mind.

Split the cards out equally, the starting player chooses a card stat. Go round the circle and the highest stat wins. The round winner takes all the cards and puts them to the back of the pile. Start again and again till someone owns all the cards.